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Print Design

With Regards Creative Studio is your single source for superior graphic designs and providing you with the best in creative thinking that translates into a beautiful design.   Our print designs are needed for websites, social media, advertising, events, and much more.  Some of our best print clients are musicians, actors, medical professional, private schools, self-employed individuals, organizations, families, and small business owners.  With Regards Creative Studio does it all.  From postcards to t-shirt designs and everything in between; we are proud to offer and add our creative touch to:

  • Business Cards

  • Banners

  • Tri-folds & Brochures

  • T-shirt Designs

  • Bookmarks

  • Door Hangers and Rack Cards

  • Logos

  • Newsletters

  • PowerPoint Slides

  • Obituary

  • Raffle Tickets

  • Gift Certificates​

In an everyday changing digital world, we believe that print is still relevant and significant, and we design to keep it that way.  Even in the current digi-social age, many business introductions begin with a simple business, postcard, or brochure. As well, printed materials can be effectively used as a means for delivering impressive company or event information. Never miss an opportunity to connect with potential clients, friends, or colleagues, in person or through traditional mailing. Make each connection count with professional quality print media that leaves a lasting impression.

Pre-press design options are available…we will design and you can take the file and have it printed yourself.  Otherwise, allow us to fully complete your print project, we have a terrific working relationship with a printing company so we can ensure only the best quality finish if you decide to go through us to finalize the print & graphic. 

Take a peek at our Look Book for some of our featured Print Designs.